Share-Post: Bringing Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Stories to Life in Quilts

If you aren’t already following the sitesandstories blog, I’m going to need you to click on the below link and get lost in Kathleen Ernst’s amazing writing. You can thank me (or hate me) in the comments sections when an hour or two of your day has suddenly disappeared.

Kathleen has two posts which feature Linda Halpin’s amazing Little House quilts. Linda wrote in 1991 the book  Quilting with Laura:  Patterns Inspired by the “Little House On The Prairie” . Which most fans of Laura are familiar with when they began that slow descent into purchasing EVERY book surrounding Laura.Or maybe that was just me? A bottle of wine and Amazon has never been great for my wallet.

Reading these posts coincided with me recently making my own resolution to progress my quilt skills and begin to work on more complex pieces. Tomorrow I head out to purchase the Andover’s “Little House” fabrics, I already have the book, and set aside time each week to meticulously work out these blocks. Enjoy the the posts on the sitesandstories blog!

I’m delighted to welcome my talented friend Linda Halpin to the blog! Linda is a quilt instructor and historian—and a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. * * * Like many, my adventure with Laura started in grade school when I was captivated by her stories. This was long before television brought her to life. She lived […]

via Bringing Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Stories to Life in Quilts – Part 1 —


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